Smart Business Advice

Smart Business Advice

Social media is a potentially valuable marketing resource for any business. Building up an online audience who activelysocial media engage with your brand has been proven to be a successful strategy for increasing brand awareness and building consumer trust, which will in turn improve both brand reach and business revenue.

Not only that, but social media marketing conducted properly will engender additional marketing benefits for your brand, in the form of online and viral sharing. This kind of organic marketing is not only invaluable for business looking to increase their customer base, but will increase consumer trust in your brand for a relatively minimal outlay.

Gain Attention

The first part of any successful social media marketing campaign should be to clearly define your mission statement and use that as a starting point to begin attracting attention to your brand.

A brand with a clear objective is much more likely to attract consumer attention than one which has undefined motives. Not only will a clear objective improve your brand image, by delineating your position you will step away from competitors and make it easier for potential customers to find and interact with your brand. Using social media will give your brand a voice, a more clearly defined personality, and will put a personal face on your business which will help your customers to identify with and internalise your mission statement on a much more personal level.

Many brands choose to gain awareness by using great content to promote themselves; this is an excellent strategy and one which has proven to be hugely successful in the past – both Justin Bieber and Old Spice have seen success after creating videos which went viral online.

Build Trust

It’s been clearly proven that online consumers are both more aware and less trusting of advertising. Web users are more likely to take a brand recommendation from a friend or trusted online user than they are from the company itself, which is why engaging with your customers in social forums is so important.

The art of conversation has not been lost in the digital world; it has merely relocated. Social media is now where the most effective form of advertising takes place, in the form of brand conversations between online customers and the brands themselves. By actively engaging in conversation with your customers, you will increase the likelihood of them sharing and recommending your brand to their friends and other users across a multiplicity of media channels.

One way of building and maintaining trust is to create a multi-wave marketing strategy, whereby your business will share certain information or resources freely with a promise of additional benefits for consumers who actively engage.

Business Advice

Keep Engagement

Once your customers are engaged, it’s important to keep them that way. Integrating your social media and marketing channels is an effective way of reaching customers on several levels at once – include Facebook link buttons in your email campaigns and make sure links to your website are present and clearly visible on all of your brand profiles.

Many brands choose to set themselves up as specialist or niche information sources, initiating conversation on their social media profiles and answering questions on their websites. This is a great way to get customers talking to and about your brand, and will keep them actively engaged for longer. Conversations which involve the dissemination of regular, good quality and unique content, which is likely to be shared, will promote your brand much more effectively than direct marketing ever could.

Universal Presence VS Niche Marketing

There are two schools of thought about maintaining multiple social media presences; firstly, that it is a beneficial marketing strategy which can be used to interact with a greater number of potential customers, and secondly that it is a potential waste of resources.

Attention is, of course, a positive thing for any brand, and you should always concentrate on gaining the attention of potential customers before actively marketing to them, but don’t overextend your resources. The important thing is to maintain a balance between the number of presences you have and your ability to actively maintain them. Brand as many social networks as you like with your company name, but concentrate on building up followers where it matters the most on the social networks which are the most relevant to your brand image and mission. Just because a social network is currently popular – like Pinterest – doesn’t mean it will necessarily be right for your brand.