How Facebook Can Enhance and Build on Marketing Campaigns

How Facebook Can Enhance and Build on Marketing Campaigns

I’m attending the annual Duct Tape Marketing Consultants Gathering this week so today’s post is a guest post from David Nelson. David is a consultant who specializes in business strategies. He holds a degree in business administration with a major in finance and lives in the Chicago area.

It is common for organizations to use email campaigns to raise funds, but some disregard this established technique because it seems daunting to scale the campaign large enough to make it worth the time. Email marketing campaigns are most effective when combined with other social media efforts. According to, companies reported that client engagement rose from 48 percent when using only social media to 72 percent after adding email marketing.

You can use much of the same content for email newsletters and on social networking sites, such as Facebook. However, content must be interesting enough to capture the attention of donors and volunteers. Simplify your campaign with a marketing tool such as JangoMail mass email service, or whatever email marketing service works best for your business. This service allows you to paste emails into the software and then trigger mass emails using a variety of options. Using mass emails complemented with an optimized Facebook page will boost your business’s bottom line.

Make a Facebook Page

Your organization needs a presence on Facebook. Millions of people and businesses are on Facebook; if your organization does not have a fan page, you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach donors. The content that goes into your emails can be posted on your fan page to inform the world of what you are doing and what you need to succeed.

Creating a Facebook business page takes five minutes. Visit to sign up, then choose your page name, a photo that represents your business and a brief description of your products and services. Once your page is up and running, start connecting with potential customers.

How Facebook Can Enhance and Build on Marketing Campaigns

Join the Conversation

While Facebook is a leading platform for modern marketing, it doesn’t follow the same script as traditional promotional outlets. Businesses on Facebook thrive when engaging fans in conversation, whether through videos, links to articles or open-ended questions. In order to build an effective marketing campaign, contributing to the social culture is key.

According to Facebook, the most engaging posts average between 100 and 250 characters and include a visual element. A natural social networking page contains variety, so don’t feel restricted by these guidelines, but keep them in mind when looking for comments and re-posts. When fans share your content, you are building access to untapped markets because their friends will see it, too.

Engage your fans in a discussion about a trending topic, post a sneak preview of your business’s new product and link to content the has nothing to do with your business. It may feel aimless, but the goal is to establish a personal rapport with fans. Proving that you respect the culture of the platform will help you build trust with Facebook users.

Offer Incentives

Save the focus-group tag lines for print campaigns. The best way pump-up sales on Facebook is through an honest portrayal of your product or service, but Facebookers also love a good contest. Ask a trivia question or host a photo contest and offer a discount to the winners. Regular incentives will attract fans who may not have otherwise “liked” your page.

Continual Marketing

Facebook isn’t a one-time promotional campaign. It can continually grow your audience through due diligence and consistently engaging fans. recommends postings at least once a day, preferably during non-business hours, when consumers are more likely to be online. Maintain a consistent voice and your business will be on the front of your fans’ minds when its time to make a purchase