Imitate Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For’ Finalists to Retain Your Best Employees

Imitate Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For’ Finalists to Retain Your Best Employees

If imitation is the sincere form of flattery, why not imitate Fortune's 100 best companies to work for the finalists. With the 2014 list just released, small businesses should learn valuable lessons from how the top Fortune 500 companies retain their best employees and reduce their employee turnover. A good employee is invaluable. The idea of ​​many small companies is that they cannot imitate what deep-pocketed companies are doing, but they are wrong.

While a small business owner may not be able to provide scholarships, home loans, company stocks or other valuable incentives for hiring top millennials, they can do some work for these companies. I know that many of us share the challenge of managing for thousands upon thousands of years, either as parents or as bosses - but the key to this new generation is not managing, but inspiring.

1) So, you are not the size of Google.

 Not many companies. All they do is promote the public interest in your office. Encourage your employees to donate a few hours of work a month to their favorite charity. Even better, look for a reason that fits your business and allows employees to donate their time during the work week. Promote charity among your employees and customers to highlight the “good” and show that your organization is dedicated to a higher purpose.

2) I don’t know of many small businesses that have health centers on properties like Sauce but that doesn’t mean you can’t promote the health of your employees. Offer group discounts for gym membership. 

Encourage groups to convene meetings and engage them in a healthy action. Also, allow employees to hire doctors during office hours so that they can see their physicians during office hours. Your staff will appreciate your emphasis on good health and investment as individuals.

Imitate Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For’ Finalists to Retain Your Best Employees

3) Caring about your customers.

Do you show your care customers? Do you go the extra mile? If you do this, let your employees know how important it is for them to take care of your customers. Use customer service ratings or surveys to track individual employee contributions to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Post the results to a “leader board” and allow employees to master these skills. Employees are a great way to internalize great customer service and invest in the company they work for.

4) Rich incentives and employee 

benefits are a great way to lure top talent. If this is not an option for your small company, make sure you provide recognition in other ways. Create a stimulus plan that works within your budget. It can be as simple as taking an employee as a treat once a month for lunch. Let them know if anyone has done a great job. Write personal notes. You have to keep your staff long. Employee loyalty can equal customer loyalty.

5) Long working hours are unavoidable, but if your business has a slow time, keep some to-do items of your own to give your employees some extra personal time. A common practice in high-tech companies is to allow employees half a day a month to “work on anything” related to the business. This level of autonomy allows your workforce to be the key to motivation and allow creative juices to flow. Can you offer a half-day Friday in the summer months? Are there extra paid vacations that you can add to the schedule?

6) The organization offers mentors to take an employee to the next level of their career at once. Demonstrating your personal commitment to genuine interest in them will encourage them to do the same for each other and for your customers.

Imitate Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For’ Finalists to Retain Your Best Employees

7) Offer open work place. Today’s incoming hot rents are used in a communal work environment and sharing ideas can really boost employee morale. Listen to ideas being shared and encourage free communication. If headlines create a problem, do something in the top 100 companies: Don't put headlines on business cards. If it works for older boys, it may work for you too. It can also help drive the motivational needs of autonomy.

8) As an executive of the customer experience,

I especially like Kempton's hotels and restaurants for exceptional customer service providers. Since the service is the key to their success, they surprise employees who will get bonuses, random vacations or extra miles on the trip - great surprises for doing the right thing.

9) To be a dreamer.

A dreamer sees trends but does not always follow them. Let your employees plan growth and achieve new business goals for the future. Doing so will provide an exciting roadmap to help you follow your office and help employees feel invested in your business. In the end, it can help you get there faster. There is no such thing as a Big Harry Acidius Goal (BHAG) to motivate the motive motivator.

10) Act like a leader sharing inspirational quotes, 

resources and personal items that define your personal integrity and build the personal moral compass that inspires you to become a business owner. Not only will this inspire them to be optimistic, but it will also inspire them to have confidence in your leadership and trust your business.