5 Tips to Make Your Office More Creative and Boost Productivity

5 Tips to Make Your Office More Creative and Boost Productivity

Office environments can make or break your business. The difference between designer and drab often means the difference between a passionate, inspired team and bored workers just watching the clock. Creative offices keep employees feeling energized and engaged. Research by the Salk Institute in San Diego, CA even suggests that a stimulating environment may increase brain size by 15 percent.

Customizing your office also strengthens your unique company culture and impresses clients, investors and potential new talent. It’s a vital opportunity to make a statement about your business. Best of all, you can reap the rewards of a creative office environment by implementing a few easy, affordable changes.


 Add a splash of color. If your budget or your landlord won’t permit you to paint the walls, consider ordering vinyl decals or framed posters. A little color goes a long way. David Lewis, a British psychologist, found that 80 percent of UK office workers said that the color of their surroundings dramatically impacted their mood.

Experts suggest using a strategic blend of energizing “warm” colors like red and yellow with calming “cool” colors such as blue and green.2 Use these different colors in different spaces, like the sales floor or the break room, to cultivate different atmospheres. Color is also a great way to subtly brand your office and reinforce your corporate identity.

Tip #2.

 Encourage employees to express themselves. In a study conducted by psychologists at Exeter University, researchers found that letting workers personalize their space can increase productivity by 15 percent while boosting general morale by 32 percent.1 Encourage employees to bring family photos, posters or wall calendars, or fun knick-knacks.

Personal items will help foster team unity, make employees feel more comfortable, and spark new ideas. If appropriate to your business, also consider relaxing your dress code.

Tip #3.

Offer furnished break areas. Studies indicate that even taking a 5-minute break improves mental acuity by 13 percent. Breaks also relieve physical discomfort such as eye strain or back problems. But it’s important that employees have the right environment to recharge and maximize their downtime.

Furnish your break room, lunch room or kitchen with comfy furniture and amenities beyond the proverbial water cooler. At Be Great, we offer a rotation of healthy snacks by our portfolio company NatureBox. Dried fruit, nuts and whole-grain crackers can keep employees from binging on the sugary junk foods that lead to an afternoon “crash”.

Tip #4.

Use the right amount of music and entertainment. Media can be invigorating in the right space and the right quantity. Consider adding a radio or a television to your lobby and common spaces like the break room. Although too much entertainment becomes distracting, small amounts will liven up the office and suggest a “fun” atmosphere.

We play music in our lobby to get everyone pumped as they walk in the door. As a business that frequently employs younger professionals in the tech community, we’ve carefully selected our playlist to appeal to this audience. Music can be a powerful motivator and positively affect mood.

Tip #5.

Incorporate shared workspaces. Is your workforce divided by cubicles or single-occupancy offices? Boost productivity by eliminating these barriers and introducing shared workspaces. While it’s important to retain private areas for certain tasks, open work plans and dual offices promote greater collaboration. Employees will interact more within their own departments and with separate teams.

Additionally, shared workspaces create a sense of freedom in the office that increases general wellbeing. It breaks down social barriers between employees and discourages negative cliques or hierarchies. So ditch those cubicle walls and bring people together!