Provide tax-exempt charity towards the end of the year

by Time's Eyes

Provide tax-exempt charity towards the end of the year

Every year in December, many of us make grants to charities in some part to get certain tax benefits.

While we appreciate the tax break, most people embrace the season of giving up their real desire to make a difference in the world. Being able to positively influence others and having a hand in advancing the mission of an organization can be extremely satisfying. At SIOR Childhood Cancer, we invest in serious pediatric cancer research for year-round grants - aimed at finding cures for cancer that affects children in our lifetime - and supporting programs for patients and their families. There are many ways to differentiate between Curie and other companies at the end of the year:

Shop for charitable holiday boutiques.

Explore items or retail partnerships that benefit the charity as you purchase gifts on the holidays. There are a number of options for gift-givers ranging from displaying the Secure logo to a variety of items, including general appeals (no logos!) To return the healing. This is a great way to give meaningful gifts where your recipients will know that the great gifts they received helped others as well.

Donate funds for a specific purpose. Contact the charity and ask them if your grant may be limited to a specific program. For healing, we can use a 50 50 grant to purchase a gas card for families traveling long distances for cancer treatment or a $ 100 donation to fund a professional counseling session for a patient's family. Find out what your gift can achieve and give an effective gift that fits your budget. Remember, every dollar is worth a nonprofit!

Buy instead. Many of us shop for people in our lives who have all the things they really need. So consider donating in honor of that person instead of buying other “things”. Most charities, like Curie, will send a card and let the person know that the gift was made in their honor. Even if some people want something to un-wrap, many times friends and family members give you a holiday gift and you feel privileged to choose such a meaningful gift.

Become a Holiday Angel. Most of us know it's better to give than to accept. In Healing, we have a great Holiday Angel program that allows donors to give with all their heart, giving families in conflict the joy of the holidays. With children receiving pediatric cancer treatment, most of the time - or without a way - the holidays are very difficult, plan to buy gifts for the holidays and otherwise celebrate special holidays for their children. We associate poor families with the poor, provide toys and a “wish” list of family needs, and donors have the opportunity to shop and give gifts to these special families. Giving to others while getting to know the family is a great way to really "experience", which will be a happy holiday! Ask the donors you support about opportunities to influence a particular family over the holidays.

Amazon smiles. The opportunity to donate to online shoppers is right at your fingertips! Consider shopping online at Amazon Smile. This is the equivalent of with the added benefit of a 0.5% grant of the eligible purchase price for your preferred charity to count every little bit!

While tax benefits can be donated to anyone, the fact that the last day of the year is important for nonprofits and allows us to move forward with our important goals. Regardless of the purpose of the donation, there are many ways for charities in December to find a way that fits the inevitable feeling of perfection, knowing that you are making a difference.